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As Professional photographer and a lover of cars I am often at goodwood events such as Festival of Speed, Revival & Goodwood Breakfast Club.  I have been to a few of the breakfast club meetings such as Italian Sunday 2013 and I took my own car for the Hot Hatch Sunday 2014. I often shoot for goodwood and car companies at goodwood for events & PR. Goodwood Breakfast Club Its not long now until the 2015 Goodwood Breakfast Club season starts with Supercar Sunday on the 3rd May at Goodwood Motor Circuit just outside Chichester, West Sussex. It will be an early with the event open at 8am until 12noon. I normally like to get there early for easy parking before the crowds arrive. I have added some Goodwood Breakfast Club Photographs below and post some to the Goodwood Breakfast Club  Facebook Page.

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Goodwood Breakfast Club Dates 2015

3rd May Supercar Sunday

Ultimate high-performance machines – both cars and bikes – and the greatest free supercar show on the planet? A Goodwood favourite returns!

It was a very wet start to the event but still a really good turn out of cars and people. Heavy rain meant that many people were sheltering in the Pit Lane area for the first hour of so.  Once it had almost stopped raining and everyone was having teas & coffees to warm up, the crowds started to fill the track. There were some fantastic cars along the grid straight including Ferrari's La Ferrari, Ford GT40, Pagani Zonda C12 and cars from Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lotus and more.

Hampshire Automotive Photographer

Hampshire Automotive Photographer

Hampshire Automotive Photographer

7th June Soft-Top Sunday

Anything but the roof! Classic and modern soft-tops, T-tops, targas, and ‘no-tops-at-all’, resplendent in the Sussex summer sunshine. Get your tops off and come and join the party…

2nd August Thoroughbred Sunday

Turning the clock back to the golden era of the Goodwood Motor Circuit, this is the big day for pre-1966 cars and bikes. Motoring nostalgia doesn’t get better than this, and like every other Breakfast Club it’s free to join the fun!

4th October Vee-Power Sunday

Heavy rain reduced the turn-out, but didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of Breakfast Clubbers who braved the weather when we ran Vee-Power as a theme in 2014. But don’t worry if you missed it, because we love the Vee-Power concept so much we’re running it again in 2015 – a Breakfast Club dedicated to the glory that is the vee engine, ­from vee-twin motorcycles to mighty V16 Cadillacs!

1st November ‘Bahn-stormer Sunday

Fun, fun, fun didn’t start with Kraftwerk – Auto Unions were setting records on the first stretch of German Autobahn as early as 1935. So we’d love to see some pre-war beasties at our new for 2015 ‘bahn-stormer’ themed Breakfast Club, but does anyone else get misty-eyed over of old magazine road-test mentions of 155mph ‘limiters’ on BMWs and Mercs from the 1980s? If your ‘modern’ machinery could crack the magic 155mph fresh from the showroom – this theme is for you too!

To register your car for a Breakfast Club go to To see more photos from the Hot Hatches event please click the gallery below.

Past Goodwood Breakfast Club Photographs

Supercar Sunday 2015

Hot Hatches 2014

Italian Sunday 2013

  Goodwood Breakfast Club Goodwood Breakfast Club